Finnish Open Championship FAI2 2022

JR organises Finnish Open Championship in Jämi summer2022 for class 1 hang gliders.

Location: EFJM — N61 46.7 – E22 43.2

Organisator: Jämin
Riippuliitäjät ry
Meet Directorand all questions : Juha
Herrala +358-40-7705810 or juha.herrala (at) speaking german, english and some swedish

Document inspection (pilot registration): summer2022 at 10:00 hours
First briefing: summer2022 at 10:00 hours
Competition days: summer2022
Competition fee Early Registration ???? Eur
Late registration ???Eur
Early registration before: summer2022
Initial payment due at early reg. : 50 Eur
Final payment: At document inspection
Preregistrarion: Preregistrarion is close
Take off: Ground towing ? Eur/each (1km tow line)
Flight documentation: GPS
Radio: Tasks are planned with no mandatory radio requirement, responsibility for flight rule obeying lies on the pilot. Radio is recommended for own safety though, since competition takes place at an air field.
Rules: Sporting Code, General Section, 3.3.1
Number of pilots: Maximum number 20 from which 5 places are reserved for international competitors until summer2022 After that date the pilot list is filled at the discretion of the organisator.
Live track

Confirmed pilots 2020

1Tino JokinenJämin Riippuliitäjät ryWills Wing T2C 144
2Kauko KoskinenJämin Riippuliitäjät rySting 3 XC 154
3Nuutti Korpimäki Etelä-Pohjanmaan liitäjät Ry Wills wing fusion 141
4Antti SepponenEtelä-Pohjanmaan liitäjät Ry Airborne Climax
5Matti PajariImatran ilmailukerhoWills Wing T2C 144
6Matti EerolaUltra-teamIcaro Laminar Z9
7Samu SepponenEtelä-Pohjanmaan liitäjät Ry Wills Wing T2C 144
8Ville RäikkönenTeekkareiden ilmailukerho Wills Wing T2 144
9 Pasi HynynenTeekkareiden ilmailukerho Wills Wing T2 144
10Vesa LappalainenPitkävuoren liitäjät ryWills Wing T3 144 Race
11Kari SuhonenPitkävuoren liitäjät ryWillsWing T3 154 Race